Swallowed Star - Tunshi Xingkong Episode 115(S4 Ep30)| Multi Subbed


Watch Online in Full HD: Tunshi Xingkong - Swallowed Star - 吞噬星空 Season 4 Episode 115(S4 Ep30) English + Indo + Multi Subbed Complete

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Type: ON
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Romance, Fantasy
Other names: Swallowed Star, 吞噬星空
One day, the RR virus of unknown origin appears on Earth and disaster strikes the world. The infected animals mutate into terrifying monsters and attack on a large scale. When humans faced destruction, they built walls and founded cities as humanity’s last strongholds. The trials that mankind experienced during this period are called the “Nirvana Period”.
In such an extreme living environment, human physical strength also gradually evolved and developed, martial arts sprang up, and human physical strength was qualitatively increasing compared to before. And the best of them is called “Warriors”. 18-year-old Luo Feng also dreams of becoming one of them. Right now, he was about to take the college entrance exam and face a choice at a crossroads in his life, but suddenly a monster attack affects the trajectory of his life. The first thing he had to face was the influence of the external environment which was exerted on him invisibly. Luo Feng’s family’s poor condition and difficult life. His parents could not give him more help and could only rely on his own efforts. In the end, under constant hard work, Luo Feng continued to explore his own potential and was recognized for his increased abilities and self-esteem. Not only that, Luo Feng not only shouldered the burden of supporting the family but also joined forces with other warriors of justice to face evil monsters, protect the land of mankind for the survival and development of better mankind. In the desperate situation of doomsday, can Luo Feng and the other warriors repel the monsters and successfully protect the human world?

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